Dermesse Prescription Skin Care System

The next generation of Hydroquinone and Tretinoin skin care therapy. This system works at the cellular level using topical prescription strength products combined with effective system enhancing products, to produce noticeable and lasting change in your skin’s appearance. In combination with the Micropeel, you will see improvement in hyperpigmentation and fine lines usually in 8 weeks.

Dermesse Products

Cleanser Gel 8 oz. $36
Cleanser Crème 8 oz. $36
Toner 8 oz. $36
Skin Lightener 2 oz. $85 (by prescription only)
Exfoliator 2 oz. $56
Balancer 2 oz. $79 (by prescription only)
Moisturizer 2 oz. $38
Sunscreen SPF 30 2 oz. $40
Sunblock SPF 50+ 4 oz. $38
Vitamin C Serum 10% 1 oz. $68
Vitamin C with E Serum $98
Travel Size Cleanser or Toner 2 oz. $12
Travel Kit (includes 2oz products of the cleanser gel, toner, skin lightener, exfoliator, balancer, and sunscreen) $269


Complimentary skin analysis and/or make-up color matching is available with our skin care specialist. Please call our office at 859-276-5577 or email Mandy at to schedule your appointment.

If you would like to order any of our skin care products, please call our office at 859-276-5577 or email Mandy at A shipping and handling fee will apply for products sent by mail.